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13 Raaton Ki chaal

But be careful; many of these stories are not only going to shake your Imagination but also haunt you in your sleep. Get ready to be disturbed-greatly disturbed.

Author Shaheen Kazi

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The Author

Hailing from the vibrant city of Mumbai, Shaheen Kazi stands as a distinguished Indian author whose journey took her across continents. Having spent over two decades in the Gulf region, particularly Saudi Arabia, Shaheen’s path meandered from the world of IATA to the realm of her true passion – writing.

Shaheen’s literary accomplishments paint an impressive portrait of her dedication. Her repertoire boasts an impressive collection of seven books, adorned with her signature narrative finesse. Additionally, she has contributed to three anthologies, showcasing her versatility in tackling various themes and genres. Beyond these achievements, Shaheen’s journey as an author is far from stagnant; with numerous forthcoming projects, her creative journey is ever-evolving and promising.

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